NetVISIONS Services

Our core services are mainly ICT consultancy and Digital Marketing project management as described further below:

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategies aims at boosting and retaining our clients' marketshare by streamlining online visible and their advertising efforts. Services include Web Development, HTML-based email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, web Content copywriting, Social Media marketing, Branded Bulk SMS & Graphic Designing


Our consultancy services covers a wide range IT-centric client services including planning projects rollouts, hardware and software acquisations and solution implementations. We have a mature distribution channel of laptops, desktops, printers, networking appliances and many IT consumables from local, regional and international players

Project Management

Other than digital marketing projects as a service to our clients, we have several other ongoing inhouse and client projects in our portfolio. We have a few inhouse projects that are mainly for business partners and are characterised by having multi-stakeholders and involveing custom development of a solution for a business or social problem

Recent & Ongoing Works

Below is a list of some of our completed and ongoing inhouse and clients' projects that varies from digital marketing strategy implementation, custom solution development and basic web development and graphic design

Pathway website & Facebook

We redesigned and hosted pathway website since 2015 including launching their Facebook Page


Derby Cheryl

We concepted the Derby brand and launched their digital presence via facebook ongoing Ads. Derby Cheryl website is still work in progress


People's College

We redesigned twice and have been hosting People's College website since 2013


Parkrite Zambia

We designed and hosted the Parkrite Zambia website and setup their Facebook page



We have an ongoing platform development partnership project with Smart*Connections that involves smart cities and IoT concepts

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We have an ongoing database development partnership project that seeks to organising enrollment information and strategically accessible

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Right Turn

We designed and hosted the Right Turn website and setup their Facebook page


Booking System

We developed the Derby Cheryl boutique & Spa stock control & booking system

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Digital Marketing Services

This section describes components of typical Digital Marketing Service activities that can help marketing and advertising efforts for companies of any size in all sectors and any location

Digital Positioning

This involves setting up your web & social media strategies

Email Marketing

This re-enforces a buying relationship from your clients

Web Presence

This is your 24/7 shop/office interacting with your clients

Search Engine Optimisation

This is an on-going effort for seach engines to reward you

Branded Bulk SMS

These serve several notifying & updating purposes that can be manual or automatic

Graphic Design

Your logo represent you wherever it is found, the same is true for online graphics

On going projects

Below are a few of our on-going, multi-stakeholder projects. Send a copy of your profile to citing a project brief item and we will respond with your best fit opportunity aligned to your profile.

Public transit platform


On-going digital marketing projects


Route schedule & Compliance Module




Projects brief

An API ready Public transit platform for Automated Fare Collection

Key business stakeholders are banking institutions, public transport operators and public transport regulators and any other service providers. The backborne public transic platform is buit on a mature ISO and PCI DSS certified system licensed to Black Fut (Pvt) Ltd

This is an add-on to the public transit platform to assure public traffic compliancy for all licensed public traffic operators. The route sensors are part of a product mandated to all operators. This is primarily a regulation solution.
This is an ongoing database development partnership project that seeks to organise enrollment information, making it strategically accessible and useful. We have a prototype still under the software testing process
These are various projects with various tasks including web development, email marketing, web content creation, search engine optimisation or any activities that seeks to improve business advertising, marketing or any visibility efforts.

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